Live Site Demonstrations

ESTCP is conducting a series of demonstrations at live sites to validate and compare multiple advanced technologies and data processing techniques designed for the detection and classification of buried UXO. Both research and industrial demonstrators are involved in this initiative.

Active Projects List
Project Title Start Date

Practical UXO Classification: Enhanced Data Processing Strategies for Technology Transition

Project Information
Project ID: MR-201421
Principal Investigator: Mr. Kevin Kingdon, Black Tusk Geophysics
ESTCP Jan 2014

UXO Classification Demonstrations at Live Sites Using UX-Analyze

Project Information
Project ID: MR-201312
Principal Investigator: Dr. Dean Keiswetter, Acorn SI
ESTCP Jan 2013

Dipole Discrimination Techniques Applied to Live Sites

Project Information
Project ID: MR-201226
Principal Investigator: Dr. Leonard Pasion, Black Tusk Geophysics
ESTCP Mar 2012

Perform MetalMapper Classification Treatability Investigations as Part of Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies

Project Information
Project ID: MR-201232
Principal Investigator: Mr. Craig Murray, Parsons, Inc.
ESTCP Mar 2012

Continued MetalMapper Demonstrations

Project Information
Project ID: MR-201162
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Prouty, Geometrics
ESTCP Mar 2011

Demonstration of Advanced EMI Classification Technologies - Man-Portable TEM and MetalMapper

Project Information
Project ID: MR-201163
Principal Investigator: Mr. Tamir Klaff, CH2M HILL
ESTCP Mar 2011

Advanced EMI Models for Live-Site UXO Discrimination

Project Information
Project ID: MR-201101
Principal Investigator: Dr. Fridon Shubitidze, Dartmouth College/White River Technologies
ESTCP Mar 2011