Conservation and Efficiency

SERDP and ESTCP projects are demonstrating innovative energy efficient lighting, heating, air conditioning, and other technologies that support sustainable building design and operations to reduce energy demand.

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Facility-related Control System Authorization Framework

Project Information
Project ID: EW18-5266
Principal Investigator: William Horner, RDECOM, CERDEC, NVESD
ESTCP Oct 2020

Demonstration of a High-Efficiency Evaporative Cooler for Improved Energy Efficiency in DoD Data Centers

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201348
Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Butcher, Brookhaven National Laboratory
ESTCP Apr 2020

Market Aware High Performance Buildings Participating in Fast Load Response Utility Programs with a Single Open Standard Methodology

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201401
Principal Investigator: Mr. James Boch, IPKeys Technologies, LLC
ESTCP Mar 2020

Latent Energy Storage Systems

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201514
Principal Investigator: Mr. Shayne Rolfe, Phase Change Energy Solutions
ESTCP Mar 2020

Real-Time Itemized Electricity Consumption Intelligence for DoD Bases

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201335
ESTCP Nov 2019

Demonstrating Enhanced Demand Response Program Participation for Naval District Washington

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201343
Principal Investigator: Mr. Gregory White, Weston Solutions, Inc.
ESTCP Sep 2019

Energy Efficient Phase Change Materials (PCM) Insulation

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201149
Principal Investigator: Mr. Nicholas Josefik, USACE ERDC-CERL
ESTCP May 2019

Energy and Water Efficiency Improvements for Dishrooms in Military Dining Facilities

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201518
Principal Investigator: Dr. Frank Johnson, Gas Technology Institute
ESTCP May 2019

Climate Management System for Corrosion Control Facilities

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201345
Principal Investigator: Dr. Brian Adair, Geosyntec Consultants
ESTCP Dec 2018

Demonstration of a Building Automation System Embedded Performance Degradation Detector Using Virtual Water/Air Flow Meters

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201407
Principal Investigator: Dr. Li Song, University of Oklahoma
ESTCP Nov 2018

Validating the COOLNOMIX AC and Refrigeration Compressor Control Retrofit

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201513
Principal Investigator: Mr. Bryan Urban, Fraunhofer USA, Inc.
ESTCP Oct 2018

Energy Reduction Using Epoxy Coatings for Sealing Leaking Compressed Air Systems

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201517
Principal Investigator: Mr. Gary Anguiano, Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC)
ESTCP Oct 2018

Software-Defined Wireless Decentralized Building Management System

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201410
Principal Investigator: Mr. Anthony Colonnese, Ameresco, Inc.
ESTCP Sep 2018

Technical Transfer of Net Zero Planner Tool from Research to Production Platform

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201578-T2
Principal Investigator: Richard Liesen, USACE Army
ESTCP Aug 2018

Develop and Integrate a DC HVAC System to an Existing DC Microgrid DoD Installation

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201725
Principal Investigator: Mr. John Saussele, Robert Bosch LLC
ESTCP Aug 2018

High Efficiency Dehumidification System (HEDS)

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201344
Principal Investigator: Mr. Scot Duncan, Conservant Systems, Inc.
ESTCP Jul 2018

ROOFER Energy Performance Assessment and Course of Action Analyses

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201351
Principal Investigator: Mr. Jorge Flores-Davila, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
ESTCP May 2018

Optimized Decision Support for Portfolio Energy Investment

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201342
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, The Boeing Company
ESTCP May 2018

Automated Aerosol-Sealing of Building Envelopes

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201511
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Modera, University of California, Davis
ESTCP May 2018

Utilization of Advanced Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) for Energy Reduction on DoD Installations

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201519
Principal Investigator: Mr. Brandon Stites, Dominion Power
ESTCP May 2018

Energy Related

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections for the Environmental Solicitation - ESTCP

  DoD Facilities Energy Directorate

Optimization Study Executive Summary:
Financial Optimization of Electricity Security Assets at Military Installations: Including Case Studies of
Dover Air Force Base, Fort Benning, and MCAGCC Twentynine Palms (2014)

Natural Gas Study:
Interdependence of the Electricity Generation System and the Natural Gas System and Implications for Energy Security (2013)

Microgrid Study:
Energy Security for DoD Installations (2012)

Solar Energy Development on DoD Installations in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts (2012)


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