Identifying and Evaluating Sources

SERDP and ESTCP investments are under way to improve understanding of the magnitude and character of potential sources and develop cost-effective methods to measure source terms, while also maintaining operations on testing and training ranges.

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Defining Munitions Constituent Source Terms in Aquatic Environments on DoD Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1453
Principal Investigator: Mr. William Wild, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
SERDP Jan 2013

Demonstration of the Attributes of Multi-Increment Sampling and Proper Sample Processing Protocols for the Characterization of Metals on DoD Facilities

Project Information
Project ID: ER-200918
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jay Clausen, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
ESTCP Jun 2013

Dissolution Rate of Propellant Energetics from Nitrocellulose Matrices

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1691
Principal Investigator: Dr. Susan Taylor, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
SERDP Sep 2012

Novel Technology for Wide-Area Screening of ERC-Contaminated Soils

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1228
Principal Investigator: Mr. Colin Cumming, Nomadics, Inc.
SERDP Jul 2005

UXO Corrosion - Potential Contamination Source

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1226
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bonnie Packer, U.S. Army Environmental Command (USAEC)
SERDP Oct 2002