Characterizing Fate and Transport

SERDP and ESTCP efforts are under way to improve understanding of fate and transport processes for military-unique compounds used on testing and training ranges. 

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Tracking the Uptake, Translocation, Cycling, and Metabolism of Munitions Compounds in Coastal Marine Ecosystems Using Stable Isotopic Tracer

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2122
Principal Investigator: Dr. Craig Tobias, University of Connecticut
SERDP Jan 1970

Factors Effecting the Fate and Transport of CL-20 in the Vadose Zone and Groundwater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1255
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jim Szecsody, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
SERDP Jul 2002

UXO Corrosion - Potential Contamination Source

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1226
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bonnie Packer, U.S. Army Environmental Command (USAEC)
SERDP Oct 2002

Development and Application of a Flash Pyrolysis-GC/MS Assay for Documenting Natural and Engineered Attenuation of Nitroaromatic Compounds

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1233
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eugene Madsen, Cornell University
SERDP Oct 2003

A Predictive Capability for the Source Terms of Residual Energetic Materials from Burning and/or Detonation Activities

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1159
Principal Investigator: Dr. Charles Kolb, Aerodyne Research Inc.
SERDP Apr 2004

Sequential Electrolytic Degradation of Energetic Compounds in Groundwater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1234
Principal Investigator: Dr. Tom Sale, Colorado State University
SERDP Nov 2004

Measurement and Modeling of Energetic Material Mass Transfer to Pore Water

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1227
Principal Investigator: Dr. Stephen Webb, Sandia National Laboratories
SERDP May 2006

Environmental Fate and Transport of a New Energetic Material, CL-20

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1256
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jalal Hawari, Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Council of Canada
SERDP Jul 2006

Distribution and Fate of Energetics on DoD Test and Training Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1155
Principal Investigator: Dr. Tom Jenkins, U.S. Army ERDC-CRREL
SERDP Oct 2006

Development of Environmental Data for Navy, Air Force, and Marine Munitions

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1480
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jay Clausen, ERDC-CRREL
SERDP Jul 2007

Lead Immobilization Using Phosphate-Based Binders

Project Information
Project ID: ER-200111
Principal Investigator: Mr. Gene Fabian, U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center
ESTCP May 2008

Biotic and Abiotic Attenuation of Nitrogenous Energetic Compounds (NEC) in Coastal Waters and Sediments

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1431
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Montgomery, Naval Research Laboratory
SERDP Jun 2008

Groundwater Chemistry and Microbial Ecology Effects on Explosives Biodegradation

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1378
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Fuller, APTIM Federal Services, LLC
SERDP Sep 2008

Validation of Sampling Protocol and Promulgation of Method Modifications for the Characterization of Energetic Residues on Military Training Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-200628
Principal Investigator: Mr. Alan Hewitt, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
ESTCP Apr 2009

Dissolution Rate, Weathering Mechanics, and Friability of TNT, Comp B, and Octol

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1482
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bonnie Packer, U.S. Army Environmental Command (USAEC)
SERDP Feb 2010

Phytoremediation for the Containment and Treatment of Energetic and Propellant Material Releases on Testing and Training Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1499
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jerald Schnoor, The University of Iowa
SERDP Jun 2011

Mobility of Particulate and Dissolved Munitions Constituents in the Vadose Zone at Operational Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1690
Principal Investigator: Dr. Melanie Mayes, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
SERDP Jun 2011

Characterization and Fate of Gun and Rocket Propellant Residues on Testing and Training Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1481
Principal Investigator: Mr. Michael Walsh P.E., USA CRREL
SERDP Aug 2011

Photochemical Transformation of Munitions Constituents in Marine Waters

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2123
Principal Investigator: Dr. Dianne Luning Prak, U.S. Naval Academy
SERDP May 2012

TNT Incorporation and Mineralization by Natural Microbial Assemblages at Frontal Boundaries between Water Masses and in Underlying Sediments in Coastal Ecosystems

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2124
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Montgomery, Naval Research Laboratory
SERDP Jul 2012