The objective of the effort is to demonstrate a Strontium Molybdate (SrMoO4) based environmentally-benign hexavalent chromium-free pyrotechnic delay composition that meets (1) the requirements of the widely used T-10 delay composition as specified in MIL-D-85306A(AS) and (2) the CCU-47/A performance specifications.

Technology Description

The fielded T-10 pyrotechnic delay composition, comprised of boron and barium chromate containing hexavalent chromium, is to be replaced by a SrMoO4-based environmentally benign composition developed under Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Project WP-2519 which is free of perchlorates, lead and hexavalent chromium. Using SrMoO4 as a replacement for barium chromate in the delay mixtures in combination with aluminum, silicon, diatomaceous earth, and a burn rate modifier the delay system exhibits a wide inverse burn rate range within the temperature range of -65 to 160 °F. The inverse burn rate may be tuned to range from 1.3 to 11 seconds per inch, depending on the formulation and application characteristics, which is within the operating range of the T-10. In addition to using less hazardous materials, the SrMoO4-based composition reduces the waste stream which must be processed by reducing the required processing steps from 30 to four while mixing in water as opposed to an organic solvent.


Successfully demonstrating an environmentally benign pyrotechnic delay composition that meets the requirements of the widely used T-10 delay may lead to the elimination of hexavalent chromium across a wide range of Department of Defense weapon and system platforms as well as reduce manufacturing waste streams as compared to current manufacturing methods.

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