The objective of this project is to perform a study that will identify cost-effective infrastructure investments at two Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Air Force (USAF) bases, that can be implemented and demonstrated. Ultimately, the findings from this activity, through models, data, and demonstrations will better prepare the entire DoD for the adoption of electric flightline non-tactical vehicles (F-NTV) and flightline mission support equipment (F-MSE). The study is also intended to help identify cost-effective infrastructure solutions that will be critical to meet the goals of Presidential Executive Orders 14008 and 14057.

Technology Description

Currently, flightline mission support equipment and non-tactical vehicles are based on continuously-running fossil-fuel engines (internal combustion or turbine). It is common to have three to five pieces of this continuously-running support equipment around an aircraft during maintenance activities. Much of this equipment is old, inefficient, over-sized, and not operator friendly. For example, one piece of equipment (A/M32A-60 GENSET) that was designed for Vietnam-era aircraft, consumes approximately 30 gallons of fuel per hour, and requires maintainers to wear double-hearing protection. Previous technology demonstrations have shown that advances in electrical energy storage technologies have enabled fully electrified and hybrid electric systems to meet mission requirements while both reducing the use of fuel and improving the operators’ working environment.


The electrification benefits of F-NTV and F-MSE depend on the specific equipment, but demonstrations have shown the following benefits to the DoD:

  • Economic: Reduced energy demand and costs (~3-7X), reduced lifecycle costs (~2X), and enable the utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Operational: Enhanced energy resilience, improved equipment performance, improved indooroperations capability, and reduced maintenance
  • Hazards: Significantly reduced noise, lower exposure to point-of-use emissions, and improved safety


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  • Master Planning,

  • Fleet Management,

  • Electric Vehicle Support Equipment (EVSE),