The objective of this project is to demonstrate implementation of a NextGen air conditioning (AC) package unit as a Utility Energy Services Contract/Energy Savings Performance Contracting (UESC/ESPC) energy conservation measure at a Department of Defense (DoD) site, to develop an application case study, address barriers, and promote acceptance by stakeholders. Furthermore, the UESC/ESPC measurement and verification process along with ESTCP metering and documentation requirements will build confidence in the underlying advanced AC package unit technology and its economic benefits. This demonstration will help justify replication by showing it is an economical and maintainable energy conservation measure (ECM).

Technology Description

Advantek’s NextGen Advanced High Performance AC packaged system by ClimaTek (NextGen) for demonstration has nearly twice the energy efficiency and dehumidification capability of most of the units currently in operation at and specified for use by DoD installations. NextGen features comprehensive performance optimization features including control of airflows and refrigerant flow and level, remote fault detection and diagnostics, and independent control of sensible cooling and dehumidification. This web-based system achieved a risk management framework cybersecurity authorization as outlined in the ESTCP Cybersecurity Guidance for a closed, restricted, dedicated network physically separate from military networks. This allows remote monitoring via a secure web interface. This innovative combination of technologies results in higher energy efficiency ratings, improved maintainability, and sustainable energy savings throughout equipment life. Additionally, a marine coating is applied for equipment installed in harsh environments. This will extend equipment life and ensure that energy and operational savings are realized throughout the life of an UESC/ESPC. NextGen technology is a near-term, cost-effective solution applicable at nearly every DoD installation. The unit has nearly twice the dehumidification capability of current models, thus dehumidification is achieved without energy intensive reheat in all but the most humid conditions. Dehumidification is automatically adjusted to minimal levels when dry conditions are experienced to further reduce energy consumption.


Successful demonstration of a NextGen AC package unit as a UESC/ESPC ECM will add replacement of existing low efficiency direct expansion (DX) package units that have reached the end of their useful life to the arsenal of efficiency improvements included by Johnson Controls in performance contracts. This technology will provide significant energy and cost savings compared to the current practice of first cost driven replacements. Additionally, NextGen advanced DX package units are so efficient that they offer a viable replacement option for DoD chilled water systems that are aging, where changes in installation and/or building mission make an aged chilled water system upgrade or replacement not viable, or where eliminating cooling tower water consumption and maintenance is desirable.

  • Unitary HVAC,

  • UESC,

  • ESCO,

  • HVAC Controls,

  • Air Conditioner,

  • Rooftop Units (RTU),

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF),

  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD),