The Military Energy Resilience Catalyst (MERC) program is an energy resilience initiative that supports the ESTCP technology transition. MERC 2.0 will execute a set of tasks to better enable the success of resilient energy project development across the Department of Defense (DoD) and transition energy resilience technologies to DoD installations. MERC 2.0 seeks to build on MERC 1.0’s (2017-present) foundation and accomplishments to further strengthen the DoD's energy resilience by expanding technology transition efforts and enhancing the community of practice for military energy resilience professionals. 

Technology Description

These tasks include creating an expanded network of installations, deepening engagements at installations, and sustaining and expanding the MERC Network. The integration of these tasks into a focused program in support of energy resilience is innovative; MERC 1.0 has clearly demonstrated its advantage over static information collection efforts or one-off project meetings with limited follow-up or insufficient on-hand expertise. Through these tasks, MERC will expand its existing Cohort model, execute both major events and ongoing routine support for the MERC Network, enhance its Online Community presence, and provide additional technical support to DoD resilience practitioners. MERC 2.0 will continue to support project development through the in-kind assistance of specialized faculty members who will provide customized technical assistance to Cohort members - both during workshops and on an on-demand basis. By connecting and aligning the broader DoD energy resilience community across the geographic, Service, and hierarchical silos, the MERC Network will be the community of practice through which DoD can rapidly diffuse successful energy resilience technologies. MERC 2.0 will familiarize its Cohort members with technologies and programs to which they would otherwise not be exposed and leverage the expertise within the Cohort and faculty to support energy resilience project execution. MERC will be judged by the size and scope of its Network, stakeholder participation on its Online Community, the types of technical assistance it provides to practitioners, and the magnitude of ESTCP technology adoption (pilot or validated) within the MERC Network.


MERC 2.0 will encourage the adoption and diffusion of advanced energy technologies by encouraging and facilitating the use of diverse funding mechanisms to accelerate energy resilience project opportunities on DoD installations. MERC 2.0 will deliver better, more comprehensive energy resilience projects which serve military installation tenants, strengthening mission assurance by aiding the adoption of advanced energy technologies for DoD and the Military Services. The program will also strengthen the nascent resilience community of practice by expanding the MERC Network, enhancing the Online Community, providing ongoing MERC Network support, and increasing its footprint of activity across the DoD enterprise.

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