The objective of this project is to provide a platform for deploying a standard set of security controls for Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS), including building automation, micro-grid control, smart metering, load sensors, and other energy management Platform Information Technology (PIT) systems installed in Department of Defense (DoD) buildings and critical infrastructure. This platform will enable patching and continuous monitoring of these systems, with the ultimate goal of simplifying the acquisition of an Access and Authorize [A&A (AOT)] formerly Authority To Operate (ATO). This will enable significant additional energy savings from existing EMCS deployments by allowing the use of features that are currently unusable due to security concerns, such as coordination of load between multiple buildings.

Technology Description

FoxGuard Solutions will develop and deploy an industry-accepted EMCS security platform that will achieve the following goals:

  1. Continuously maintain a list of active EMCS PIT devices at site, and notify operators of changes.
  2. Assist asset owners/operators in understanding which patches and updates are available for their EMCS PIT equipment.
  3. Provide a validated methodology for deployment of patches and updates to this equipment.
  4. Maintain backups of critical EMCS infrastructure configuration and provide a rapid recovery capability from software or configuration corruption or compromise.
  5. Provide a system monitoring solution that fits network needs and simplifies adherence to the DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) requirements for implementation, assessment, and monitoring of security controls.


This platform will address cyber security concerns and ease adherence to Risk Management Framework (RMF) guidance, simplifying the A&A (AOT) process for existing EMCS installations. Receiving an A&A (AOT) translates directly into energy savings, as existing EMCS investments can more efficiently manage power usage when coordinating across multiple buildings or over a whole installation.

  • Patch Management,

  • Monitoring,