2021 Award Winners

The 2021 winners made contributions to the following areas of research:

  • Treatment of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) from investigation-derived waste soils
  • Mobility of munitions in the underwater environment
  • Wildfire combustion processes
  • Shipboard oil/water emulsions
  • Detection and classification of underwater munitions
  • Standardized polymeric sampler procedures for quantifying freely dissolved organic contaminant concentrations
  • Data diodes to protect and monitor DoD facility equipment
  • Assessments of commercially available PFAS-free firefighting foams
  • Remote collection of biological data on military lands
SERDP Projects of the Year
Environmental Restoration

Demonstration of Smoldering Combustion Treatment of PFAS-impacted Investigation-Derived Waste
Dr. David W. Major, Geosyntec Consultants | Project Overview

Munitions Response

Further Examining the Role of Cohesive Sediments in Munitions Mobility through Additional Infield Deployment of Smart Munitions and Application of a SERDP-developed Penetrometer
Dr. Arthur Trembanis, University of Delaware | Project Overview

Resource Conservation and Resiliency

Multi-scale Analyses of Wildland Fire Combustion Processes in Open-canopied Forests using Coupled and Iteratively Informed Laboratory-, Field-, and Model-based Approaches
Dr. Nicholas Skowronski, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station | Project Overview

Weapons Systems and Platforms

Understanding Shipboard Oil/Water Emulsions Using Macro- and Micro-scale Flows
Dr. Cari Dutcher, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities | Project Overview

ESTCP Projects of the Year
Environmental Restoration

Standardization of Polymeric Sampling for Measuring Freely Dissolved Organic Contaminant Concentrations in Sediment Porewater
Dr. Mandy Michalsen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Project Overview

Installation Energy and Water

Low-cost, Plug-and-Play Data Diodes for Protection and Monitoring of DoD Facility Equipment
Mr. Colin Dunn, Fend Incorporated | Project Overview

Munitions Response

Demonstration of AUV-Based Structural Acoustic Look-Down and Side-Look Sonars for Underwater Buried UXO Detection and Classification
Dr. Joseph A. Bucaro, Representing the Naval Research Laboratory | Project Overview

Resource Conservation and Resiliency

Use of the “Data Mule” Unmanned Aircraft System to Remotely Download Ground Based Sensor Data on Military Lands
Mr. David Delaney, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory | Project Overview

Weapons Systems and Platforms

Capabilities Assessment of Commercially Available PFAS-free Foams
Mr. Jerry Back, Jensen Hughes, Inc. | Project Overview