Advanced Surface Engineering Technologies for a Sustainable Defense – ASETSDefense – is an initiative sponsored by SERDP and ESTCP with the objective of facilitating the implementation of new, environmentally friendly technologies for surface engineering (coatings and surface treatments). These alternative surface engineering technologies protect weapons systems from environmental degradation, maintaining military readiness and reducing maintenance costs.

Surface Engineering Database

ASETSDefense has developed a relational database that provides access to documents and data required for making informed decisions on the implementation of clean coatings and surface treatments that do not contain toxic or hazardous chemical substances such as hexavalent chromium, cadmium and volatile organic compounds. The database includes detailed engineering data, background documents, and information on processes and products that have been validated, authorized, or implemented.

Technical Workshops

ASETSDefense organizes workshops approximately every 18 months that are intended to foster the exchange of information between research organizations, chemical and coating formulators and manufacturers, aerospace/defense repair facilities, and weapons systems and aircraft manufacturers concerning options, performance, and implementation of all types of alternatives that would benefit the environment or improve worker health and safety.