ASETSDefense 2012: Sustainable Surface Engineering for Aerospace and Defense 

San Diego, CA

Monday, August 27, 2012 

Afternoon Side Meeting

Read-Ahead Materials

Cadmium Replacement on Electrical and Optical Connectors

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

1:00 PM

Industrial Options and Chemicals - Zinc-Nickel, Aluminum, EN-PTFE, Black EN Pros and Cons

Mike BarnsteadMacDermid

1:40 PM

Replacement of Cd on Connectors at Radiall

Gerald TredanRadiall

2:05 PM

NAVSEA Usage and Testing

Jerilyn Brunson, Erin LaBarreNAVSEA, Johns Hopkins

2:30 PM 

Standardization and Qualification

Lisa HofferDLA

2:50 PM


Issues for Defense Applications:

3:10 PM

NAVAIR Concerns

Amy FowlerNAVAIR

3:30 PM

OEM Concerns

Joe OsborneBoeing

3:50 PM

Connector Environmental/Galvanic Testing

Steve BrownNAVAIR

4:10 PM

Discussion of RDT&E Requirements

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 

7:30 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Session 1: Drivers: Impact on DoD of Environmental and Health Regulations

Briefing Title

Presenter / Organization

8:30 AM

Introduction and Welcome

Bruce Sartwell SERDP-ESTCP

8:45 AM

REACH Impacts on Aerospace Materials - U.S. perspective

Scott FetterLockheed-Martin

9:05 AM

 AIA REACH Working Group Update

Scott FetterLockheed-Martin

9:25 AM

Impact of REACH Regulation on the Global Finishing Market - European perspective

Roger EybelSafran, Canada, France

9:45 AM

In-service Corrosion Issues in Sustainment of Naval Aircraft

Ricardo MendozaNAS North Island

10:10 AM


Session 2: RDT&E, Service Testing, Authorization, and Implementation

10:30 AM

Naval Aviation Progress in Implementing Non-Hexavalent Chromium Surface Finishes

Craig MatzdorfNAVAIR

10:55 AM

The Validation and Approval of Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings for DoD Platforms.

John Escarsega, Fred LaffermanARL

11:20 AM

The Nuts and Bolts of Marine Corps Fasteners

Matt Koch, Andy Sheetz, John Repp USMC, Elzly Technology

11:45 AM

Overview of United States Air Force Surface Finishing Activities

Elizabeth Berman AFRL

12:10 PM


1:25 PM

Erosion-Corrosion Resistant Coating for Gas Turbine Engine Compressor Airfoils

Greg Kilchenstein OSD

Session 3: Reducing Response Time to Regulatory Change

1:50 PM

ONR Structures and Materials Roadmap

Bill Nickerson ONR

2:15 PM

Using Corrosion Design Models to Accelerate the Transition of Alternatives

Craig Matzdorf NAVAIR

2:40 PM

Corrosion Modeling and Testing of Riveted Aluminum Alloy Panels

Lei Chen, Mark JawarowskiUTRC

3:05 PM


3:25 PM

The Role of Computational Methods in Sustainable Knowledge-Based Product Development for Aerospace and Defense

Erik SapperBoeing R&T

3:50 PM

Implication of Atmospheric Wetness Levels on Corrosion at a Coating Defect During Accelerated Testing

Jim Dante Southwest Research

4:15 PM

Technology Transition: The Dynamic Role of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory Coating and Corrosion Offices.

John Escarsega, Fred LaffermanARL

4:35 PM

Using Surface Treatment Specification Databases to Anticipate and Accelerate Response to Regulatory Changes

Will MartinGranta Design, UK

5:00 PM


6:00 PM

Networking Reception

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7:00 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Session 4: Coating Systems

8:00 AM

Comprehensive Primer Testing Program

Julia Russell NAVAIR

8:25 AM 

Non-chromate ZVOC Coatings for Steel Substrates on Army and Navy Aircraft and Ground Vehicles

John KelleyARL

8:45 AM

Implementation of  Rare Earth Primers and Pretreatments for Military Applications

Eric MorrisDeft

9:10 AM

AFRL Update on Status of Cr-Free Coating Systems

Mike SpicerAFRL

9:35 AM

Commercial Applications of UV Cured Systems

Dave DiehlRadTech

 9:55 AM


10:15 AM

Status of the UV Cure Powder Coating Demonstration Project

Chris GeibSAIC

10:35 AM

Electrocoat Process for Non-Chromate Primers in Department of Defense Manufacturing

Thor LingenfelterPPG

10:55 AM

Galvanic Corrosion of Aviation Primers

Julia Russell NAVAIR

Session 5: Corrosion Treatments - Cadmium (Cd) and Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6+) Alternatives

11:15 AM

LHE Zn-Ni Development and Implementation on Landing Gear at Hill AFB

Dave FrederickUSAF

11:40 AM

Development of Cd Replacement with LHE Zn-Ni on Threaded Fasteners and Components

Jay Randolph, Fred LaguinesES3

12:00 PM


1:15 PM

Environmentally Friendly Zirconium Pretreatment for Department of Defense Applications

Thor LingenfelterPPG

1:35 PM

NASA TEERM Hexavalent Chrome-free Coatings for Electronics

Matt Rothgeb, Kurt KesselNASA

1:55 PM

QwikSeal, Pre-Sealed Fastener

Christopher Pavlos, Malcolm ProutySystems Materials Research Corp

2:15 PM


Session 6: Light Metal Protection, Aluminum and Magnesium Anodizing, Anodize Sealing, Repair

2:35 PM

Tagnite PEO Process for Gearbox Overhaul

Bill ElmquistTagnite

3:00 PM

Nano-Technology Self-Healing Conversion Coating for Magnesium Alloys

Jules SenskeUS Army ARDEC

3:20 PM

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Development of Alternative Cu-Be Alloys

Eric Fodran Northrop Grumman

3:40 PM

Cold Spray for Magnesium Components

Blake Barnett ARL

4:05 PM

Hexavalent Chromium Free Coatings Projects for Aerospace Applications

Chris GiesekingAMRDEC

4:30 PM

Conductive Protective Finishes for Magnesium

Debbie Maguire EMI Quality Plating

4:50 PM 

Modified Anodic Aluminum Oxide Finish for Enhanced Chrome-free Paint Adhesion and Polymer Bonding

Jude Runge CompCote Inc

End of Day

Thursday, August 30, 2012

7:00 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast

Session 7: Hard Chrome Plating Alternatives

8:00 AM

Electrodeposition of Nanocrystalline Co-P Coatings as a Hard Chrome Alternative

Jack Benfer, Ruben Prado NAVAIR

8:20 AM

Nickel-Tungsten Alloy Brush Plating Alternative for Hard Chromium

Sid ClouserSIFCO-ASC

8:40 AM

Progress in HVOF Adoption - Hill Air Force Base

Doug Ball USAF

9:00 AM

Spallation Resistant HVOF Coatings

Richard Vander StratenES3

9:20 AM

Grinding and Superfinishing - Methods and Specifications

Jon Devereaux NASA

9:40 AM

Chromium Elimination and Cannon Life Extension for Gun Tubes

Frank Campo, Mark Miller Benet Labs

10:00 AM


10:20 AM

Advanced Gun Barrel Coating Program

Brad Buening, Craig Dampier NAVSEA, PEO IWS 3 Consultant

10:40 AM

Off-Angle Thermal Spray Coating Deposition: Enabling Approach to Coat Small Internal Diameters

Arash Ghabchi Boeing R&T

Session 8: Specifications, Standards, Coating Removal

11:00 AM

Development of Life Prediction Models for High Strength Steel in a Hydrogen Emitting Environment

Ed Babcock Boeing Mesa

11:25 AM

Atmospheric Plasma Depainting

Peter Yancey Atmospheric Plasma Solution

11:45 AM

Environmentally Friendly Chemical Coating Removers

Ann LaneBattelle

12:05 PM 


1:20 PM

Wrap-Up Discussions

Adjourn Meeting