Poster Title and Presentation Presenter

A Screening Approach for the Selection of Drinking Water Treatment Residuals (DWTRs) for their Introduction to Marine and Freshwater Systems

Jean-Claude Bonzongo

Long Term Monitoring of Activated Carbon Amendment to Reduce PCB Bioavailability in Sediments at an Active Shipyard

Gunther Rosen

High Resolution Passive Profiling to Monitor Contaminated Sediments in Support of Remediation Evaluation and Risk Characterization

Andrew Jackson

Standardization of Polymeric Sampling for Measuring Freely Dissolved Organic Contaminant Concentrations in Sediment Porewater

Mandy Michalsen

Application of Passive Samplers to Support Risk Assessment and Long-term Monitoring

William Gardiner

Standardizing Sediment Porewater Passive Samplers for Inorganic Constituents of Concern

Jason Conder

Application of Biofilm Covered Activated Carbon Particles as a Microbial Inoculum Delivery System for Enhanced Bioaugmentation of PCBs in Contaminated Sediment

Birthe Kjellerup

Quantitative Thermodynamic Exposure Assessment (Q-TEA) Supporting Resilient Contaminated Sediment Site Restoration

Todd Bridges

Field Testing A Passive Multisampler To Measure Dioxins/Furans And Other Contaminant Bioavailability In Aquatic Sediments

Rainer Lohmann

Actively Shaken In Situ Passive Sampler Platform for Methylmercury and Organics

Upal Ghosh

Prevention of Sediment Recontamination by Improved BMPs to Remove Organic and Metal Contaminants from Stormwater Runoff

Richard Luthy

Proof-of-Concept for the in situ Toxicity Identification Evaluation (iTIE) Technology for Assessing Contaminated Sediments, Remediation Success, Recontamination and Source Identification

Allen Burton

Development, Evaluation, and Technology Transfer of BMPs for Optimizing Removal of PAHs, PCBs, PFASs, and Metals from Stormwater at DoD Sites

Staci Simonich

Development of Tools to Inform the Selection of Stormwater Controls at DoD Bases to Limit Potential Sediment Recontamination

Danny Reible

Coupled High- and Low-Frequency Ultrasound for Remediation of Contaminated Sediments

Jitendra Kewalramani