SERDP and ESTCP are independent programs that are jointly managed on behalf of the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment). The joint office is located in Alexandria, VA. In this joint program structure, the management staff has insight into the entire range of scientific and technical issues associated with an environmental problem, from basic research questions through implementation.  

The Director, Deputy Director, five Program Managers, and Financial Officer for both programs are located in this joint office. All SERDP and ESTCP projects are managed within five Program Areas.

SERDP and ESTCP Contact Information: 

SERDP and ESTCP Office4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 16F16Alexandria, VA  22350-3605Phone: (571) 372-6565

Executive DirectorPhone: (571) 372-6400

Deputy DirectorPhone: (571) 372-6398

Program Manager, Installation Energy and WaterPhone: (571) 372-6397

Program Manager, Environmental RestorationPhone: (571) 372-6398

Program Manager, Munitions ResponsePhone: (571) 372-6400

Program Manager, Resource Conservation and Resiliency Phone: (571) 372-6401

Program Manager, Weapons Systems and PlatformsPhone: (571) 372-6399

Administrative OfficerPhone: (571) 372-6384

SERDP and ESTCP Support Office Contacts: 

Noblis, Inc.2002 Edmund Halley DrReston, VA 20191Phone: (703) 610-2000

Program Area Technical Assistant for Installation Energy and Water Phone: (703) 610-2158

Program Area Technical Assistant for Environmental RestorationPhone: (703) 610-2637

Program Area Technical Assistant for Munitions ResponsePhone: (703) 610-2118

Program Area Technical Assistant for Resource Conservation and Resiliency Phone: (703) 610-2817

Program Area Technical Assistant for Weapons Systems and PlatformsPhone: (703) 610-2679

Website and BlogPhone: (703) 610-2346

Support Project ManagerPhone: (703) 610-1744