Poster Title and Presentation Presenter

Soil Ecotoxicity of Fluorine-Free Surfactant Formulations

Roman Kuperman

Assessing the Ecotoxicity of PFAS-Free Surfactant Formulations in Wild Mice

Michael Quinn

Comparative Assessment of Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of PFAS-Free Formulations in Terrestrial Plants and Model Soil Invertebrates

Xiaoqin Wu

Ecotoxicity of PFAS-Free Fire Fighting Foams: Fish and Aquatic Invertebrate Species

Ed Wirth

Multi-Taxa Ecotoxicity of Novel PFAS-Free Foam versus New Generation Short-Chain-PFAS AFFF Products: Aquatic and Terrestrial Species

Jamie Suski

The Relative Toxicities of Current Use Aqueous Film Forming Foams and Next Generation Alternatives to Aquatic Species for Informing Risk Assessment

Jason Hoverman