Microgrids and energy storage offer great promise to improve the reliability and resilience of military installation energy systems. However, high design and integration costs limit the opportunities for deployment. Over the last several years, advances in technology, design approaches and improvements to systems integration are bringing down the costs and improving system performance. In this technical session, ESTCP investigator teams and other related R&D efforts presented work that improves microgrid design, brings to market long-duration energy storage and improves system interoperability. 

Microgrid R&D Strategy

Dr. Jeff Marqusee, NREL

Microgrid Planning Utilizing an Open Modeling Framework for Resilient Installations Leveraging Cooperative Utility Privitization Contracts

Mr. David Pinney, NRECA

Integrated Model-Based Design Process (IMBDP) for Affordable, Scalable, and Resilient DoD Installation Microgrids

Mr. Matt Baker, Typhoon HIL, Inc.

The ARPA-E DAYS Program: Update on a New Long-term Storage Technologies

Dr. Scott Litzelman, DAYS - ARPA-E

Modular Multifunction Energy Storage and Solid State Switching Enabled Microgrids

Mr. David Altman, Raytheon

Design, Modeling, and Controls of Hybrid ESS for DoD Microgrids - Phase II

Dr. Nate Johnson, Arizona State University

Microgrid Controls for Large Power Systems

Mr. Corey Bergendahl, Cummins Power Systems