In this course you will learn the basics of the finite element method with specific application to vapor intrusion modeling through the use of COMSOL. Geometry generation, choice and application of appropriate physics, meshing, solver configuration and various tips and tricks will be covered.  Finally you will use the skills you have learnt to create and run a VI model based on a VI site, using the site's data as inputs with subsequent analysis of results. A significant portion of the course will be hands-on learning by the attendees using a vapor intrusion model. Attendees are therefore asked to bring their own laptops for this purpose. A temporary license to the software will be obtained for each attendee and provided prior to the short course so that it may be downloaded for access during the course.


Dr. Eric Suuberg, Brown UniversityMr. Jonathan Strom, Brown UniversityDr. Yijun Yao, Brown University 

An Introduction to Finite Element Modeling Tools for Analyzing Vapor Intrusion

Risk Assessment Framework of Vapor Intrusion from Groundwater Sources Based on Model Predictions

PVI2D Toolkit (Excel File)