As demands on our electrical system increase and threats from climate change and cyber bad-actors continue to grow, energy resilience is becoming ever more important. Over the past few years, ESTCP has demonstrated several technologies that strive to improve the resilience of installation energy systems. In this technical session, speakers discussed the Navy’s strategic approach to improving installation energy resilience along with a selection of ESTCP projects that address different aspects of energy resilience.  

Session Chair: Mr. Tim Tetreault, ESTCP, Installation Energy and Water

Introduction by Session Chair

Mr. Tim Tetreault, ESTCP, Installation Energy and Water

Navy Installation Energy Program Summary (IEPS)

Mr. Keith Benson, Navy Installations Command

A Comprehensive and Scalable Approach to Electrifying the Department of the Air Force’s Vehicle Fleet

Ms. Seema Aziz-Hall, Department of the Air Force (DAF)

Conducting Installation Energy and Water Plans (IEWPs) for the U.S. Army

Mr. Frank Holcomb, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Use of Intelligent Circuit Breakers for Energy Management & Control

Dr. Thomas Reddoch, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Fort Belvoir Projects and Future Plans

Mr. Kevin Brady, Army

Defense Innovation Unit

Mr. Ben Richardson, Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)