Measurement and Use of Mass Discharge and Mass Flux at Contaminated Sites

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Mass Discharge and Mass Flux Short Course

Mass discharge and flux measurements are being used more frequently to characterize and monitor groundwater contamination. Their use is increasing as a result of several recent improvements in mass flux and discharge measurement methods, as well as a growing recognition that mass flux data can improve conceptual site models and remediation decisions as compared to a reliance on concentration data alone. Mass discharge and mass flux estimates are useful for managing groundwater contamination because they quantify the source or plume strength at a given time and location. These estimates can be particularly useful in addressing complex and difficult sites.

The on-demand video of a short course presented in December 2010 at the SERDP and ESTCP Symposium covers how mass information can improve contaminated site management. The course is based on the technology overview document, Use and Measurement of Mass Flux and Mass Discharge, published by the Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (ITRC). Available measurement and estimation techniques are described, and several case studies of mass flux measurements at contaminated sites are examined. Access modules below. In addition, the material in its entirety is available in PDF format.

Measurement and Use of Mass Discharge and Mass Flux at Contaminated Sites

Module 1 Welcome and Introduction
(15:31 min)
Presented by Dr. Hans Stroo, ESTCP
Module 2 Flux-Based Site Management and Case Studies 
(01:02:31 min)
Presented by Dr. Michael Annable, University of Florida
Module 3 Quantifying Mass Flux and Discharge
(45:11 min)
Presented by Dr. Charles Newell and Dr. Shahla Farhat, GSI Environmental Inc.
Module 4 Regulatory Perspective on the Use of Mass Flux and Mass Discharge
(30:49 min)
Presented by Mr. Alec Naugle, California Regional Water Quality Control Board
Module 5 Mass Flux/Mass Discharge Applications
(18:04 min)
Presented by Mr. Murray Einarson, AMEC Geomatrix

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