Noise and Emissions

Aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, and munitions used in military training and testing operations emit regulated air pollutants and produce noise. SERDP and ESTCP projects are working to improve understanding of these impacts, develop novel methods to measure and predict their occurrences, and assess and minimize impacts.

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Impact of Shear Layer Swirl on Near- and Far-field Noise Emissions from Twin-Engine Military Aircraft

Project Information
Project ID: WP19-1288
Principal Investigator: Dr. Z.J. Wang, University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
SERDP Jan 1970

Detect and Identify Multiple Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) at Extended Distances

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1061
Principal Investigator: Dr. Antonio Ting, Naval Research Laboratory
SERDP Jan 1997

Emission Reduction Planning Model

Project Information
Project ID: WP-175
SERDP Oct 1997

Characterization of Open Burning/Open Detonation Emissions

Project Information
Project ID: WP-247
SERDP Oct 1997

Measuring and Modeling for OB/OD Permitting

Project Information
Project ID: WP-251
SERDP Oct 1997

Steady-State/Nonsteady-State NOx Emission Control

Project Information
Project ID: WP-183
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joseph Wander, AL/EQM (AFRL/MLQE)
SERDP Oct 1997

Metal Perovskite Catalysts for NOx Reduction

Project Information
Project ID: WP-177
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joseph Wander, AL/EQM (AFRL/MLQE)
SERDP Oct 1997

Controlling, Assessing, Managing, and Monitoring the Noise Impact from Weapons, Helicopters, and Aircraft on Training and Readiness

Project Information
Project ID: WP-523
SERDP Mar 1998

Advanced Mass Spectrometry for Atmospheric Monitoring

Project Information
Project ID: WP-192
Principal Investigator: Dr. John Ballenthin, AFRL/VSBP
SERDP Oct 1998

Reduction of NOx Emissions from Marine Power Plants

Project Information
Project ID: WP-42
SERDP Oct 1998

Non-Ozone Depleting Mobile Heat Pump

Project Information
Project ID: WP-199706
Principal Investigator: Ms. Reza Salavani, AFRL, Air Base Technology Branch
ESTCP Jan 1999

Trapped Vortex Combustor for Gas Turbine Engines

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1042
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mel Roquemore, Air Force Research Laboratory
SERDP May 2000

Development of Non-Thermal Plasma Reactor Technology for Control of Atmospheric Emissions

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1038
Principal Investigator: Dr. Louis Rosocha, Los Alamos National Laboratory
SERDP Oct 2000

Development and Integration of Laser-Based Sensors for VOC/NOx and Metals Emissions Monitoring

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1060
Principal Investigator: Dr. Scott Bisson, Sandia National Laboratories
SERDP Oct 2000

Development of a Catalyzed Ceramic Filter for Combined PM2.5 Removal and VOC and CO Oxidation

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1120
Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert Goldsmith, CeraMem Corporation
SERDP Jan 2001

Continuous Emissions Monitor for Hazardous Air Pollutant Metals

Project Information
Project ID: WP-199807
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Seltzer, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Div.
ESTCP Mar 2001

Plasma-Assisted Catalytic Reduction of NOx

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1077
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joseph Wander, AL/EQM (AFRL/MLQE)
SERDP Jul 2001

Novel Laser Ionization and Modeling for the Determination of Soot Mechanisms

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1241
Principal Investigator: Dr. William Anderson, US Army Research Laboratory
SERDP Oct 2001

Field Validation of Real-Time Airborne Lead Analyzer

Project Information
Project ID: WP-199905
Principal Investigator: Ms. Leslie Karr, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center
ESTCP Jan 2002

Characterization of Particulate Emission: Size Characterization and Chemical Speciation

Project Information
Project ID: WP-1106
Principal Investigator: Dr. Adel Sarofim, University of Utah
SERDP Oct 2003

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections for the Environmental Solicitation – SERDP; ESTCP

DoD Instruction (DoDI) 4715.13:
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