Arid Lands Ecology and Management

SERDP and ESTCP efforts are providing DoD resource managers with the knowledge and tools needed to manage arid lands into the future. Topics of investigation include disturbance, climate change impacts, intermittent and ephemeral streams, altered fire regimes, and non-native invasive species.

Active Projects List
Project Title Start Date

Flow-Population Models for Tracking Non-Stationary Changes in Riparian and Aquatic Ecosystems

Project Information
Project ID: RC-2511
Principal Investigator: Dr. David Lytle, Oregon State University
SERDP Jan 2015

Predictive Tools to Manage Altered Fire Regimes Caused by Plant Invasions in the Mojave Desert

Project Information
Project ID: RC-1723
Principal Investigator: Dr. Janelle Downs, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
SERDP Mar 2010

Workshop Report:
DoD Southwest Region Threatened, Endangered, and At-Risk Species Workshop (2007)