Market Aware High Performance Buildings Participating in Fast Load Response Utility Programs with a Single Open Standard Methodology

Mr. James Boch | IPKeys Technologies, LLC



The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) purchases more than $4 billion dollars of energy every year to run its various facilities. This project will demonstrate a unified, standards-based platform supporting direct participation by installations in wholesale and fast response curtailment programs, driving savings that may be quickly redirected toward core military readiness and deployment objectives. IPKeys will provide technology supporting: (1) market interoperability and synchronization, (2) secure, standards-based conveyance of energy market signals, (3) vendor and technology independence, and (4) the Information Assurance (“IA”) expertise necessary for successful operations on DoD infrastructure. Once implemented, DoD may either directly or through market aggregation capitalize on their combined facilities’ purchasing power and recent investments in cogeneration and renewables such as solar and wind. Demonstrations will be conducted at Camp Pendelton, California; Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey; and at the Washington Navy Yard in the District of Columbia.

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Technology Description

IPKeys’ Energy Interop Server & System (EISS™) – a secure standards-based system for conveying energy market signals – is compliant with the new National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) sanctioned Energy Interop™ (EI)/Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) 2.0 standard. OpenADR 2.0 provides the necessary security and automation to enable participation in the daily energy markets.

The technology platform consists of three major components: (1) secure cloud-based EISS™ servers for participants conveying standards-based energy market and demand response signals to installation and/or facility energy management systems, (2) EISSBox – installation-based hardware that receives the signals and translates them into Building Automation Signals, and (3) appropriate firewall technology to perform inspection of all signals sent to endpoints on a DoD installation to insure the security and integrity of the communication.

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Recent economic and regulatory actions and the low cost of natural gas have created an environment that makes it unprofitable to build additional generation to fill the gaps created by the shutdown of coal and nuclear plants. System operators in both ERCOT (Texas) and CAISO (California) have publicly stated that they are going to rely on fast response curtailment programs to cover the peak demand periods. This trend is expected to spread to the rest of the country. The increased penetration of intermittent renewable generation has further exacerbated this problem. The adoption of a single DoD-wide platform to participate in these programs with appropriate security approvals would allow widespread participation with minimal effort and without adding additional cyber security risks. (Anticipated Project Completion - 2015)

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