Conservation and Efficiency

SERDP and ESTCP projects are demonstrating innovative energy efficient lighting, heating, air conditioning, and other technologies that support sustainable building design and operations to reduce energy demand.

Active Projects List
Project Title Start Date

Technologies Integration to Achieve Resilient, Low-Energy Military Installations

Project Information
Project ID: EW18-5281
Principal Investigator: Dr. Alexander Zhivov, U.S. Army ERDC-CERL
ESTCP May 2018

Actively Managed Thermal Energy Storage

Project Information
Project ID: EW19-5035
Principal Investigator: Mr. Brian Hampton, Viking Cold Solutions
ESTCP May 2019

Better Buildings, Smaller Bootprint – Smart Building Program for DoD

Project Information
Project ID: EW19-5329
Principal Investigator: Mr. Jared Temanson, Switch Automation
ESTCP Jan 2020

Building Automation System Enumeration and Configuration (BASEC)

Project Information
Project ID: EW18-5333
Principal Investigator: Billy Rios, Whitescope
ESTCP Dec 2018

Comprehensive Information Transfer Approaches for Advanced Building Controls and Management Projects

Project Information
Project ID: EW19-5055
Principal Investigator: Mr. David Vigliotta, Slipstream
ESTCP May 2019

Converged Energy Management Control System

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201237
Principal Investigator: Mr. Paul Vettoretti, Army & Air Force Exchange Service
ESTCP Mar 2012

Cost-Effective Demonstration of Automated Commissioning and Tuning

Project Information
Project ID: EW19-5081
Principal Investigator: Veronica Adetola, United Technologies Research Center
ESTCP May 2019

Cree SmartCast © Lighting Retrofit Demonstration: LED Fixtures and Controls for Advanced Holistic Lighting Solutions

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201722
Principal Investigator: Dan Cautley, Slipstream
ESTCP Jan 2017

Data Center Liquid-Cooling: 60% Cooling Savings, Waste-Heat Recovery and 1 Year Payback

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201332
Principal Investigator: Mr. Steve Branton, Asetek, Inc.
ESTCP Jan 2013

Demonstration of Intelligent Circuit Breakers for Energy Management, Verification, and Load Control

Project Information
Project ID: EW19-5149
Principal Investigator: Dr. Thomas Reddoch, Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI)
ESTCP May 2019

Demonstration of Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module (SEM3) for Improving Installation/Facility Energy and Water Management

Project Information
Project ID: EW20-5205
Principal Investigator: Mr. Alan Williams, Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific
ESTCP Jan 2020

Enabling widespread secure automated demand management and demand response on DOD facilities using OpenADR 2.0

Project Information
Project ID: EW20-5237
Principal Investigator: Jim Boch, IPKeys Power Partners
ESTCP Jan 2020

Facility Energy Saving and Securing Technology (FEST) using Multi-Source Data

Project Information
Project ID: EW20-5226
Principal Investigator: Dr. Vaibhav Donde, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
ESTCP Jan 2020

Fast and Secure Integration of Industrial Controls using a Common Configuration

Project Information
Project ID: EW18-5329
Principal Investigator: Mr. Julian Lamb, Paragon Robotics LLC
ESTCP Jul 2018

Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) Demonstration at DoD Facilities

Project Information
Project ID: EW19-5167
Principal Investigator: Mr. Brian Clark, USACE ERDC-CERL
ESTCP Jul 2019

Gas Engine-Driven Heat Pump (GHP) Cold Climate Field Demonstration

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201515
Principal Investigator: Ms. Patricia Rowley, Gas Technology Institute
ESTCP Jan 2015

High Efficiency Dehumidification System – Additional Proof of Concept

Project Information
Project ID: EW18-5280
Principal Investigator: Mr. Scot Duncan, Conservant Systems, Inc.
ESTCP May 2018

High-Performance Air-source Cold Climate Heat Pump (CCHP)

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201721
Principal Investigator: Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud, United Technologies Research Center
ESTCP Jan 2017

Improving ESTCP Demonstration Outcomes & Tech Transfer via Implementation of Standardized Third-Party Technology Verification using ISO 14034

Project Information
Project ID: EW20-5333
Principal Investigator: Mr. Tim Hansen, 350Solutions, Inc.
ESTCP Jan 2020

Intelligent Building Management with Holistic Digital Lighting

Project Information
Project ID: EW-201720
Principal Investigator: Pedro Davalos, Honeywell International Inc.
ESTCP Jan 2017

Energy Related

FY 2020 New Start Project Selections for the Environmental Solicitation - ESTCP

  DoD Facilities Energy Directorate

Optimization Study Executive Summary:
Financial Optimization of Electricity Security Assets at Military Installations: Including Case Studies of
Dover Air Force Base, Fort Benning, and MCAGCC Twentynine Palms (2014)

Natural Gas Study:
Interdependence of the Electricity Generation System and the Natural Gas System and Implications for Energy Security (2013)

Microgrid Study:
Energy Security for DoD Installations (2012)

Solar Energy Development on DoD Installations in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts (2012)


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