Measuring Bioavailability at Contaminated Upland Soil and Sediment Sites

Active Projects List
Project Title Start Date

Standardizing Sediment Porewater Passive Samplers for Inorganic Constituents of Concern

Project Information
Project ID: ER20-5261
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jason Conder, Geosyntec Consultants
ESTCP Jun 2020

Standardization of Polymeric Sampling for Measuring Freely Dissolved Organic Contaminant Concentrations in Sediment Porewater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-201735
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mandy Michalsen, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ESTCP Jan 2017

High Resolution Passive Profiling to Monitor Contaminated Sediments in Support of Remediation Evaluation and Risk Characterization

Project Information
Project ID: ER-201734
Principal Investigator: Dr. William Jackson, Texas Tech University
ESTCP Jan 2017

Development of a Passive Multisampling Method to Measure Dioxins/Furans and Other Contaminant Bioavailability in Aquatic Sediments

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2538
Principal Investigator: Dr. Rainer Lohmann, University of Rhode Island
SERDP Jan 2015

Actively Shaken In-Situ Passive Sampler Platform for Methylmercury and Organics

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2540
Principal Investigator: Dr. Upal Ghosh, University of Maryland Baltimore County
SERDP Jan 2015

Integrated Passive Sampler-Food Web Modeling Framework for Monitoring Remedy Effectiveness

Project Information
Project ID: ER-201431
Principal Investigator: Dr. Philip Gschwend, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ESTCP Jan 2014

Combining Mass Balance Modeling with Passive Sampling at Contaminated Sediment Sites to Evaluate Continuing Inputs and Food Web Responses to Remedial Actions

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2429
Principal Investigator: Dr. Philip Gschwend, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SERDP Jan 2014

White Paper:

 Bioavailability of Contaminants in Soils and Sediments: Status and Recommendations (2016)

User's Manual:
Draft Laboratory, Field, and Analytical Procedures for Using Passive Sampling in the Evaluation of Contaminated Sediments (2016)

ITRC Guidance:
Bioavailability of Contaminants in Soil: Considerations for Human Health Risk Assessment
  Guide for DOD Remedial Project Managers:
Integrating Passive Sampling Methods into Management of Contaminated Sediment Site (2016)