Protecting Groundwater Resources

SERDP and ESTCP projects are focused on developing and demonstrating technologies that allow for continued operation of testing and training ranges, while preventing migration of contaminants to groundwater.

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

Phytoremediation of Explosives from Contaminated Soil by Transgenic Grass

Project Information
Project ID: ER-201436
Principal Investigator: Dr. Neil Bruce, University of York
ESTCP Jan 1970

Peroxene Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-726
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Zappi, Mississippi State University
SERDP Apr 1997

Removal and Encapsulation of Heavy Metal from Groundwater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-387
SERDP Oct 1997

Natural Attenuation of Explosives in Soil and Water Systems at DoD Sites

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1043
SERDP Oct 1998

Phytoremediation of Lead-Contaminated Soil

Project Information
Project ID: ER-199809
Principal Investigator: Ms. Darlene Bader-Lohn, U.S. Army Environmental Center
ESTCP May 1999

In-Situ Remediation of Explosives Contaminated Groundwater with Sequential Reactive Treatment Zones

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1176
Principal Investigator: Dr. Paul Tratnyek, Oregon Health & Science University
SERDP Feb 2001

Detection and Measurement of Explosives in Groundwater Using In Situ Electrochemical Sensors (SEED Project)

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1220
Principal Investigator: Mr. Khris Olsen, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories
SERDP Oct 2001

Fe0-Based Bioremediation of RDX-Contaminated Groundwater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1231
Principal Investigator: Dr. Pedro Alvarez, Rice University
SERDP Jan 2004

Microbial Degradation of RDX and HMX

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1213
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jalal Hawari, Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI)
SERDP Feb 2004

Facilitated Immobilization of Heavy Metals in Soil by Manipulation with Plant Byproducts

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1352
Principal Investigator: Dr. Teresa Fan, University of Louisville
SERDP Jul 2004

Immobilization of Energetics on Live Fire Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1229
Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert Steffan, Shaw Environmental, Inc.
SERDP Sep 2004

Long-Term Monitoring for Explosives-Contaminated Groundwater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1298
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Fisher, Nomadics, Inc.
SERDP Aug 2005

Novel Pathways of Nitroaromatic Metabolism: Hydroxylamine Formation, Reactivity and Potential for Ring Fission for Destruction of TNT

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1214
Principal Investigator: Dr. Joseph Hughes, Georgia Institute of Technology
SERDP Aug 2005

Bacterial Degradation of DNT and TNT Mixtures

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1212
Principal Investigator: Dr. Rebecca Parales, University of California, Davis
SERDP Oct 2005

PIMS -- Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated with Metals

Project Information
Project ID: ER-200020
Principal Investigator: Dr. Judith Wright Ph.D., PIMS NW, Inc., President & CEO
ESTCP Jun 2006

Identification of Metabolic Routes and Catabolic Enzymes Involved in Phytoremediation of the Nitro-Substituted Explosives TNT, RDX, and HMX

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1317
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jerald Schnoor, The University of Iowa
SERDP Oct 2006

Grenade Range Management Using Lime for Dual Role of Metals Immobilization and Explosives Transformation

Project Information
Project ID: ER-200216
Principal Investigator: Dr. Steven Larson, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
ESTCP Jun 2007

Genetic and Biochemical Basis for the Transformation of Energetic Materials (RDX, TNT, DNTs) by Plants

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1319
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jacqueline Shanks, Iowa State University
SERDP Jul 2007

Impacts of Fire Ecology Range Management (FERM) on the Fate and Transport of Energetic Materials on Testing and Training Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1305
Principal Investigator: Mr. Eric Foote, Battelle Memorial Institute
SERDP Jul 2007

Biodegradation of Nitroaromatic Compounds by Stimulating Humic Substance- and Fe(III)-Reduction

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1377
Principal Investigator: Dr. Kevin Finneran, Clemson University
SERDP Jul 2007