Characterizing Fate and Transport

SERDP and ESTCP efforts are under way to improve understanding of fate and transport processes for military-unique compounds used on testing and training ranges. 

Completed Projects List
Project Title Completed

A Predictive Capability for the Source Terms of Residual Energetic Materials from Burning and/or Detonation Activities

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1159
Principal Investigator: Dr. Charles Kolb, Aerodyne Research Inc.
SERDP Apr 2004

Antimony(V) Adsorption by Variable-Charge Minerals

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1741
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Essington, The University of Tennessee
SERDP Oct 2013

Biotic and Abiotic Attenuation of Nitrogenous Energetic Compounds (NEC) in Coastal Waters and Sediments

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1431
Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Montgomery, Naval Research Laboratory
SERDP Jun 2008

Characterization and Fate of Gun and Rocket Propellant Residues on Testing and Training Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1481
Principal Investigator: Mr. Michael Walsh P.E., USA CRREL
SERDP Aug 2011

Characterization of Residues from the Detonation of Insensitive Munitions

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2219
Principal Investigator: Dr. Sonia Thiboutot, Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier (DRDC)
SERDP Nov 2017

Combined Biological and Chemical Mechanisms for Degradation of Insensitive Munitions in the Presence of Alternate Explosives

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2222
Principal Investigator: Dr. Kevin Finneran, Clemson University
SERDP Jun 2017

Defining Munitions Constituent Source Terms in Aquatic Environments on DoD Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1453
Principal Investigator: Mr. William Wild, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
SERDP Jan 2013

Developing Quantum Chemical and Polyparameter Models for Predicting Environmentally Significant Parameters for New Munition Compounds

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1734
Principal Investigator: Dr. Dominic Di Toro, University of Delaware
SERDP Jan 2018

Development and Application of a Flash Pyrolysis-GC/MS Assay for Documenting Natural and Engineered Attenuation of Nitroaromatic Compounds

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1233
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eugene Madsen, Cornell University
SERDP Oct 2003

Development of Environmental Data for Navy, Air Force, and Marine Munitions

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1480
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jay Clausen, ERDC-CRREL
SERDP Jul 2007

Development of Environmental Health Criteria for Insensitive Munitions (IMX-101-104)

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2223
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Johnson, U.S. Army Public Health Command
SERDP Mar 2018

Development of an Environmental Fate Simulator for New and Proposed Military-Unique Munition Compounds

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1736
Principal Investigator: Dr. Eric Weber, U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD)
SERDP Feb 2016

Dissolution Rate of Propellant Energetics from Nitrocellulose Matrices

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1691
Principal Investigator: Dr. Susan Taylor, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)
SERDP Sep 2012

Dissolution Rate, Weathering Mechanics, and Friability of TNT, Comp B, and Octol

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1482
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bonnie Packer, U.S. Army Environmental Command (USAEC)
SERDP Feb 2010

Dissolution of NTO, DNAN, and Insensitive Munitions Formulations and Their Fates in Soils

Project Information
Project ID: ER-2220
Principal Investigator: Dr. Katerina Dontsova, University of Arizona
SERDP Feb 2018

Distribution and Fate of Energetics on DoD Test and Training Ranges

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1155
Principal Investigator: Dr. Tom Jenkins, U.S. Army ERDC-CRREL
SERDP Oct 2006

Environmental Fate and Transport of a New Energetic Material, CL-20

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1256
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jalal Hawari, Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Council of Canada
SERDP Jul 2006

Factors Effecting the Fate and Transport of CL-20 in the Vadose Zone and Groundwater

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1255
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jim Szecsody, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
SERDP Jul 2002

Fate and Transport of Colloidal Energetic Residues

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1689
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Fuller, APTIM Federal Services, LLC
SERDP Mar 2016

Fate of Plant Tissue Associated RDX in Surface Soil

Project Information
Project ID: ER-1412
Principal Investigator: Dr. Charles Reynolds, U.S. Army ERDC/CRREL
SERDP Jan 2013