Program Areas

SERDP and ESTCP manage projects in five program areas. Each area focuses on a specific component of DoD’s environmental responsibilities. Achieving sustainable solutions in all five areas is essential to improve environmental performance, reduce costs, and enhance mission capabilities.

Installation Energy and Water

Installation Energy and Water

Technologies to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy, and enhance water conservation on DoD installations.

Environmental Restoration Graphic

Environmental Restoration

Research and technologies for the characterization, risk assessment, remediation, and management of contaminants in soil, sediments, and water.

Munitions Response

Munitions Response

Technologies for the detection, classification, and remediation of military munitions on U.S. lands and waters.

Resource Conservation and Resiliency graphic

Resource Conservation and Resiliency

Research that advances DoD’s management of its natural and cultural resources and improves their resiliency.

Weapons Systems Helicopter Graphic

Weapons Systems and Platforms

Research and technologies to reduce, control, and understand the sources of waste and emissions in the manufacturing, maintenance, and use of weapons systems and platforms.

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