ESTCP Announces FY 2020 New Start Project Selections


ESTCP has selected fifty-three new start projects to begin in FY 2020. These projects responded to the FY 2020 ESTCP solicitation for Environmental and Installation Energy and Water Technologies. Topics addressed by these projects include management and remediation of chemical contaminants;  improved energy efficiency and security; munitions response in underwater environments; improved management of natural resources,  management of waste at forward operating bases, and green manufacturing and maintenance of weapons systems and platforms.

The tables below list the FY 2020 ESTCP new start projects for Environmental Restoration, Installation Energy and WaterMunitions ResponseResource Conservation and Resiliency, and  Weapons Systems and Platforms. As project overviews become available, links from the project numbers will be provided below. Information on these and other SERDP and ESTCP projects is also available under Program Areas

Environmental Restoration

ER Topic-20-B1: Innovative Technology Transfer Approaches
ER20-5036 Applying Cometabolism for Treatment of Traditional and Emerging Contaminants at DoD Sites Paul Hatzinger Aptim Federal Services, LLC
ER20-5171 Building a Foundation to Increase the Success of Future Projects David Reynolds Geosyntec Consultants
ER Topic-20-B2: Management of Contaminated Groundwater
ER20-5026 Vertebrae™ Segmented Horizontal Wells for Monitoring Contaminant Mass Discharge Craig Divine Arcadis
ER20-5028 Thermal In Situ Sustainable Remediation (TISR) To Enhance Biotic and Abiotic Reactions and Accelerate Remediation Craig Divine Arcadis
ER20-5031 In Situ Verification and Quantification of Naturally Occurring Dechlorination Rates in Clays: Demonstrating Processes that Mitigate Back-Diffusion and Plume Persistence Charles Schaefer CDM Smith
ER20-5088 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) Leaching at Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)-Impacted Sites: Insight into Soil-to-Groundwater Ratios Charles Schaefer CDM Smith
ER20-5100 In Situ PFAS Sequestration in AFFF Contaminated Groundwater Matt Simcik University of Minnesota
ER20-5182 Validation of Colloidal Activated Carbon for Preventing the Migration of PFAS in Groundwater Paul Hatzinger Aptim Federal Services, LLC
ER20-5198 Ex Situ Thermal Treatment of PFAS Jennifer Wehrmann Paragon Professional Services, LLC
ER20-5252 Anion Exchange Permeable Adsorptive Barriers (PABs) for In Situ PFAS Immobilization and Removal David Lippincott Aptim Federal Services, LLC
ER20-5258 Ex Situ Soil Washing to Remove PFAS Adsorbed to Soils from Source Zones Joseph  Quinnan Arcadis US
ER20-5279 Quantifying Delivery of Activated Carbon Particulates in Heterogeneous Aquifers Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography  Michael Truex Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
ER Topic-20-B3: Long Term Management of Contaminated Aquatic Sediments
ER20-5261 Standardizing Sediment Porewater Passive Samplers for Inorganic Constituents of Concern  Jason Conder Geosyntec Consultants
ER Topic-20-D1: Environmental Restoration
ER20-5018 Validation of Command Detonation Munitions Residues Testing Samuel Beal U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
ER20-5135 Sulfidated Zerovalent Iron: An Innovative ISCR Technology for Discrete Source Remediation Anthony Danko NAVFAC EXWC
ER20-5220 Application of Passive Samplers to Support Risk Assessment and Long-term Monitoring William Gardiner U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ER20-5228 A Robust, Energy-Positive Wastewater Treatment System for Forward Operating Bases James Dusenbury U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicle Systems Center
ER20-5250 In Situ Thermal Treatment of PFAS in the Vadose Zone Ramona Iery NAVFAC EXWC
ER20-5290 Low Energy Baffled Bioreactor (BBR)-Based Water Re-use System for Energy and Water Security Christopher Griggs U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research and Development Center
ER Topic-20-B12: Demonstration and Validation of Environmentally Sustainable Methods to Clean Firefighting Delivery Systems
ER20-5350 Supercritical Water Oxidation for Complete PFAS Destruction Marc Deshusses Duke University
ER20-5355 An Innovative Plasma Technology for Treatment of AFFF Rinsate from Firefighting Delivery Systems Selma Mededovic DMAX Plasma, LLC
ER20-5361 Clean or Replace? Decontamination Framework for Firefighting Equipment and Hangers and Disposal of PFAS Contaminated Waste Matthew Magnuson U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ER20-5364 Demonstration and Validation of Environmentally Sustainable Methods to Effectively Remove PFAS from Fire Suppression Systems Ian Ross Arcadis
ER20-5369 Remediation of AFFF-Impacted Fire Suppression Systems Using Conventional and Closed-Circuit Desalination Nanofiltration Christopher Bellona Colorado School of Mines
ER20-5370 Sustainable Firefighting System Cleanout and Rinsate Treatment Using Perfluorad Kent Sorenson CDM Smith

Installation Energy and Water

EW Topic-20-B7: Energy Efficiency Technology Demonstrations Integrated with Utility Energy Services Contracts (UESC)
EW20-5177 Intelligent HVAC Load Management for Energy Efficient and Disaster Resilient Building Operations Michelle Rodriguez-Pico Oklahoma Gas & Electric
EW20-5237 Enabling Widespread Secure Automated Demand Management and Demand Response on DOD Facilities Using OpenADR 2.0 Jim Boch IPKeys Power Partners
EW Topic-20-B8: Microgrid Development for Military Installations
EW20-5040 A Resilient Distributed Platform for Microgrid Control Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois
EW20-5049 Integrated Model-Based Design Process for Affordable, Scalable, and Resilient DoD Installation Microgrids Matt Baker Typhoon HIL
EW20-5055 Microgrid Planning Utilizing an Open Modeling Framework for Resilient Installations Leveraging Their Utility Privatization (MICROGRID UP) David  Pinney NRECA Research
EW20-5139 Integrated Microgrid Control Platform Gabor Karsai Vanderbilt University
EW20-5168 Internet of Networked Microgrids Solution for Scalable Agile Microgrids Stephen Bayne Texas Tech University
EW20-5223 Integrated Resilient Node Hardware and Supervisory Control for Phased Microgrid Installation at Military Facilities Doug Black Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
EW20-5241 On Track for Resilience: Rail-to-Grid Power Generation Sean Wallace U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
EW20-5245 Modular Control Architecture for Scalable, Resilient and Cybersecure Microgrids Dean Weng Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.
EW20-5271 DoD Standardized Platform to Guide Rapid and Repeatable Modeling and Design of Secure and Resilient Microgrids (Rapid-Resilient-Microgrid) Michael Stadler XENDEE Inc.
EW Topic-20-B9: Effective Use of Meter Data to Improve Facility Energy Investments
EW20-5079 Grid Data Insight for Military Installations Matthew Shawver Referentia Systems Incorporated
EW20-5099 Transforming Raw Utility Meter Data into Actionable Insights William Livingood National Renewable Energy Laboratory
EW20-5226 Facility Energy Saving and Securing Technology (FEST) using Multi-Source Data Vaibhav Donde Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
EW Topic-20-BX: Innovative Tools that Reduce the Time and Cost Required to Obtain and Maintain Authority to Operate for Facility Energy and Water Control Systems and Connected Technology
EW20-5180 Tool for Cyber Secure Integration of DER to the Risk Management Framework Emma Stewart Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
EW20-5225 Automated Firmware Analysis for Electric Grid and Building Automation Systems Daniel Quinlan Lawrence Livermore National Lab
EW20-5299 Closed Restricted Network PKI Certificate Authority for Facility-related Control Systems Alex Gregory C2 Company a PrimeKey Company
EW Topic-20-D6: Microgrid Development for Military Installations
EW20-5291 Open Architecture Microgrid Controller and HIL Validation Thomas Bozada U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research and Development Center
EW Topic-20-D7: Effective Use of Utility Meter Data to Improve Facility Energy Investments
EW20-5164 Organic Industrial Base (OIB) Energy Productivity Analytics and Information System Paul John U.S. Army Red River Army Depot
EW20-5205 Demonstration of Siemens Embedded Micro Metering Module (SEM3) for Improving Installation/Facility Energy and Water Management Alan Williams Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

Munitions Response

MR Topic-20-B4: Detection, Classification, and Remediation of Military Munitions in Underwater Environments
MR20-5116 Underwater Test Bed for Technology Demonstration Raymond Lim NSWC Panama City Division
MR20-5292 Hawaii Munitions Test Range Complex Margo Edwards University of Hawaii

Resource Conservation and Resiliency

RC Topic-20-B5: Infrastructure Resiliency Arctic Engineering Design Tool
RC20-5050 Arctic Environmental and Engineering Data and Design Support System T. Scott Rupp University of Alaska Fairbanks
RC Topic-20-D3: Resource Conservation and Resiliency
RC20-5175 Coral Reef Arks: a Cost-effective and High-return Tool for Restoration and Conservation of Coral Reef Resources on DoD Submerged Lands Jessica Carilli Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific
RC20-5303 Arctic and Sub-Arctic Engineering Design Tool: Technology Transfer UFC 3-130  Revision Kevin Bjella U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Weapons Systems and Platforms

WP Topic-20-D4: Weapons Systems and Platforms
WP20-5045 Green M213/M228 Fuze Natasha Khatri U.S. Army CCDC Armaments Center
WP20-5046 Demonstration and Validation of Low Hydrogen Embrittlement Alkaline Zinc Nickel Electroplating at Advanced Metal Finishing Facility  Clayton Elliott Air Force Life Cycle Management Center 
WP20-5083 Environmental Advantages of Additive Manufactured Micro-Turbine Engine Michael  Froning Air Force Life Cycle Management Center 
WP Topic-20-B11: Demonstration and Validation of Fluorine-Free Fire Suppression Alternatives
WP20-1512 Testing of New Fluorine-Free Green Surfactant Mixtures to Replace AFFF Thierry Carriere ADA Technologies, Inc.
WP20-1517 Extinguishing Class B Fires with PNS, an Environmentally-Friendly Compound Robert Kasowski P N Solutions, Inc. 
WP20-5334 Fluorine-Free Foam / Compressed Air Foam, Fire Suppression Alternative David Munroe ACAF Systems
WP20-5335 Validation of Fluorine-Free Fire Suppression Alternatives against Military Specifications Satya Chauhan Battelle Memorial Institute
WP20-5337 Demonstration and Validation of Fluorine Free Fire Suppression Alternatives Amee Polk CCDC-Chemical Biological Center

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