UXO Detection, Classification and Localization II

Recent advances in sensors and platforms used to detect, classify and localize UXO in the underwater environment have advanced to the point that full systems are ready for demonstrations. In this session presentations on a variety of sensor and platform types ready for demonstration were given. This session also included discussion of machine learning technologies used to classify UXO and scoring methods to evaluate systems during demonstrations. 

Session Chair: Dr. Gregory Schultz, White River Technologies, Inc.
Introduction by Session Chair Dr. Gregory Schultz, White River Technologies, Inc.
UltraTEM Marine Towed System for Detection and Characterization of Buried Ordnance Dr. Stephen Billings, Black Tusk Geophysics Inc.
Unmanned Aerial Magnetics for Underwater UXO Dr. Gregory Schultz, White River Technologies, Inc.
Lidar Sensor for Characterizing Proud Underwater Objects in Shallow Waters from a UAS Platform Dr. Jeffrey P. Thayer, Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates Lidar Technologies/University of Colorado Boulder
Multi-sensor Approaches to Munitions Detection/Classification Dr. Daniel D. Sternlicht, Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Florida
Sonar-Based Deep Learning for Underwater UXO Remediation Dr. David P. Williams, Applied Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University
Practical Considerations in Scoring Blind Tests for UXO Detection, Localization, and Classification Dr. Shelley Cazares, Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)

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