PFAS Occurrence, Fate, and Transport

Modeling PFAS Transport in the Vadose Zone Using a Modified HYDRUS Model Jeff Silva
Development and Validation of Novel Techniques to Assess Leaching and Mobility of PFAS in Impacted Media Jennifer Guelfo
Novel Site Characterization Tools for PFAS Contaminated Sites Kavitha Dasu
Vertebrae™ Segmented Horizontal Wells for Monitoring Contaminant Mass Discharge Craig Divine
In Silico Prediction of Fate and Risk-Determining Properties of PFAS Paul Tratnyek
The Impact of PFAS Adsorption to NAPL-Water Interfaces on PFAS Retention and NAPL Mobilization Sarah Van Glubt
PFAS Retention and Leaching in Soils & the Vadose Zone Mark Brusseau
Impact of PFAS on Water Distribution in the Vadose Zone Matthew Bigler
Mathematical Modeling of the Long-term Retention and Leaching of PFAS in the Vadose Zone Bo Guo
PFAS Leaching at AFFF-Impacted Sites: Insight into Soil-to-Groundwater Ratios Charles Schaefer
Development and Laboratory Validation of Mathematical Modeling Tools for Prediction of PFAS Transformation, Transport, and Retention in AFFF Source Areas Linda Abriola
Insights into the Long-Term Mass Discharge & Transformation of AFFF in the Unsaturated Zone Charles Schaefer
A Mechanistic Understanding of PFASs in Source Zones: Characterization and Control Jennifer Field
Evaluating the Importance of Precursor Transport and Transformation for Groundwater Contamination with PFAS Elsie Sunderland

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