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Firefighting formulations used for military operations on Department of Defense (DoD) installations historically contain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in order to meet the performance requirements of MIL-F-24385F. However, the PFAS in aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) poses risks to human health and the environment. SERDP and ESTCP have launched a number of projects over the years to research and demonstrate viable replacements for AFFF. More

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An ESTCP project led by Dr. Jayesh Doshi of eSpinTechnologies Inc., is demonstrating a novel nanofiber-based HVAC air filtration system to reduce energy consumption and overall operational cost of conditioning air in buildings. To support the dire need for personal protective equipment cross the country, eSpin has responded by applying their technology and manufacturing capacity to produce much-needed face masks.  More

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Stormwater management is a continuing challenge at all Department of Defense (DoD) facilities. Stormwater discharges are regulated under federal and state permits yet are implicated as a major cause of contamination of sediment near discharge points at or close to DoD sites.  More

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Wildland firefighters and fire managers face a daunting challenge. The last century of forest management focused on extinguishing fires as quickly as possible.  More

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SERDP’s Munitions Response program is interested in identifying reliable techniques for detailed survey of unexploded ordnance (UXO) at underwater remediation sites that span a range of water depths.  More

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As I am sure is true of most of you, day-to-day operations of SERDP and ESTCP have been impacted by the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  More

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While existing as both naturally occurring and man-made anions, perchlorate is a persistent contaminant of concern for a variety of industries. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that perchlorates can have negative health impacts on adults and children and detected its presence in public drinking water systems, especially around sites that manufacture solid rocket fuel.  More

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SERDP and ESTCP have been funding research and demonstrations on a number of fronts to improve our ability to manage sites impacted by PFAS. 

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Invasive species threaten the balance of all ecosystems. In island ecosystems, native species have evolved in isolation, unequipped to fend off new invasive predators, and risk extinction without space to which to retreat.  More


Abiotic processes play an important role in the natural attenuation of groundwater contaminants, and there is a demand for new and improved methods of measurement and/or enhancement of abiotic natural attenuation processes.  More

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