This year’s ESTCP Project of the Year for the Munitions Response Program Area was headed by Dr. Kevin Williams from the Applied Physics Laboratory of the University of Washington and his team. Dr. Williams’s first goal was to build, test, and demonstrate the system that uses a Multi-Sensor Towbody (MuST) to deploy detection, classification, and geolocation hardware from a surface vessel. The second, complementary goal was to assist in the development of underwater testbeds.


Through their efforts on the project titled Demonstration and Validation of Siloxane-Based Aircraft Topcoats that are Isocyanate-Free and Provide a Reduced Environmental Impact, Dr. Erick Iezzi and his team have been awarded the 2020 ESTCP Project of the Year from the Weapons Systems and Platforms Program Area.


Through their efforts on the project titled Cold Spray Coatings for Chromium and Nickle Plating Replacement, Mr. Nardi, Dr. Champagne, and their team have been awarded the 2020 SERDP Project of the Year for Weapons Systems and Platforms.

WP_PFAS Free_2

At the 2020 Virtual  SERDP and ESTCP Symposium, the Weapons Systems and Platforms (WP) program area will feature four technical sessions, three short courses, and several poster sessions. These  sessions will review the development and transition of sustainable technologies that improve readiness and provide specific focus on corrosion reduction, PFAS-free firefighting formulations, regulatory compliance, energetic materials, additive manufacturing, and machine learning tools. More

ER Symposium 2020

The  SERDP and ESTCP Symposium is rapidly approaching and several  technical sessions will be offered that highlight projects funded by the Environmental Restoration Program Area. These sessions will provide an overview of the innovative research and demonstrations being completed that focuses on cleaning and managing impacted lands on current and former military installations. More

Bat Week RC

Halloween is coming and one treat in the festivities is the celebration of “Bat Week,” an annual, international celebration of the role of bats in nature. Tragically, the White-nose syndrome (WNS), an emergent disease of hibernating bats that is rapidly decimating bat populations across the United States. WNS is a huge concern for these federally protected species and likely to result in the federal listing of additional bat species. In response, SERDP and ESTCP funded two research efforts looking at white-nose syndrome in bats. More 

EW Symposium 2020 3

At the upcoming 2020 SERDP ESTCP Symposium, the Installation Energy and Water (EW) program area will host Technical Sessions, a Short Course and Poster Sessions to showcase the latest research and technologies that improve the performance of DoD installations’ energy and water systems. The EW Program will present three technical sessions, featuring the latest in Energy Resilient, Energy Efficient and Cyber Secure technologies.  In addition, EW will co-host a technical session highlighting technologies and solutions to improve installation water resilience. All four sessions will feature ongoing demonstrations and results, where available, of these cutting-edge cost-effective solutions. More

MR Symposium 2020

The  SERDP & ESTCP Symposium is just a few weeks away and the Munitions Response (MR) program area is excited to announce the two  technical sessions they are offering this year. These sessions will highlight MR efforts to better understand unexploded ordnance (UXO) contaminated sites through demonstration tests and discussing experiences with site project managers. More

RC Symposium 2020

This year the Symposium’s Resource Conservation and Resiliency (RCR) program area features three  technical sessions.  Each session aims to communicate findings and enhance Department of Defense (DoD) mission effectiveness through the improved management of natural and built infrastructure. The technical sessions will focus on three subjects: Installation Infrastructure Resiliency; Military Land Condition-Readiness and Wildland Fire; and Threatened, Endangered, and Invasive Species. More

ER Firetruck Blog

In 2020, ESTCP began funding a group of projects that will demonstrate and validate environmentally sustainable methods for cleaning firefighting delivery systems in aircraft hangars or on firefighting vehicles as well as any rinsate or residue derived from the cleaning process. In this blog, six projects that were selected for funding are covered.

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