Funding Process


The mission of the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) is to demonstrate and validate promising innovative environmental and energy technologies and methodologies that address the Department of Defense’s (DoD) high priority environmental requirements. ESTCP demonstrations are conducted at DoD facilities and sites to document improved efficiency, reduced liability, improved environmental outcomes, enhanced resilience, and cost savings.

The technology to be demonstrated is expected to have completed laboratory testing successfully and, when applicable, initial small-scale field testing as well. Only limited development work is supported under ESTCP. Demonstrations are intended to generate cost and performance data that will more rapidly transition mature environmental science and technology to fielding and commercialization. To foster regulatory and end-user acceptance, ESTCP projects create a partnership between technology developers, DoD users, and the regulatory community.

Annual Solicitation

Each year, ESTCP solicits proposals from the DoD, Federal agencies outside the DoD, and private sector organizations (industry and academia). The solicitation is usually issued in the January/February timeframe with pre-proposals due in March. Funds are generally available the following March. The illustration below reflects the ESTCP review and selection process.

DoD Call for Proposals – A Call for Proposals is issued to DoD organizations. Only the Services and defense agencies are allowed to serve as the lead organization and submit proposals under this call. Participation by organizations outside the DoD is encouraged through partnership with the lead DoD organization.

Call for Proposals for Federal Organizations Outside DoD – Proposals are solicited from Federal participants outside the DoD through a separate Call for Proposals. Pre-proposals in response to this call are permitted to have a DoD partner, but one is not required.

Broad Agency Announcement – Proposals from private sector organizations are solicited via a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) issued in the Federal Business Opportunities. Pre-proposals submitted in response to the BAA are permitted to have a DoD partner, but one is not required.

Selection Process

ESTCP uses a two-phase selection process. Recognizing that there is a significant cost involved in writing a full proposal, ESTCP seeks to limit this effort to proposals that are expected to be competitive.

Pre-proposals submitted in response to the two calls for proposals and the BAA are reviewed by the ESTCP Technical Committees (ETC). Based upon this evaluation, each of the pre-proposal submitters will be notified as to whether ESTCP will accept the submission of a full proposal. In addition to the written full proposal, an oral briefing is presented to the ETCs, typically in September. The ETCs make recommendations for project funding, which are forwarded to the ESTCP Director.

ESTCP Funding Process

DoD Liaisons

DoD liaisons are assigned to proposals from the private sector and Federal organizations outside the DoD that are selected to move on to the full proposal stage and that do not already involve a DoD partner. The role of the liaison is to assist in selecting and gaining access to an appropriate demonstration site. The liaison will also provide insight into DoD needs, as well as aid in validating the technology's cost and performance, interfacing with the regulatory and user community, and supporting the transfer of the technology across the DoD.


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Full Proposal Guidance

Information for those requested to submit full proposals.

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