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SERDP and ESTCP Launch Blog and Social Media. More
ESTCP Solicits Environmental and Installation Energy Technology Proposals for FY 2015 Funding. More
SERDP and ESTCP Announce FY 2014 New Start Project Selections. More
DoD Legacy Program Solicits Proposals for FY 2015 Funding. More
SERDP and ESTCP Announce 2013 Projects of the Year. More
Latest Remediation Technology Monograph Tackles Contaminated Sediments. More
SERDP Solicits Proposals for FY 2015 Funding. More
DoD Investigates Reliability of Natural Gas-Fired Generators During Electric Grid Failures. More
Science Informs Policy on Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change to Coastal Installations. More
DoD Releases Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap in Support of Sustainability Planning. More
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Sonar Identifies Underwater Munitions in Gulf Study – In an important milestone, low-frequency sonar successfully detects and classifies munitions in a field setting. More
Protective Coating Improves Jet Engine Fuel Efficiency – Innovative erosion-corrosion resistant coating extends the life of jet engines and improves fuel efficiency, while also reducing carbon emissions. More
Assessing Pacific Island Watershed Health – At-risk fish populations can serve as a key indicator for assessing Pacific Island watershed health and sustaining military operations. More
New Insights Into Tracking Contaminants in Bedrock – Study finds that ferrous iron mineralogy can significantly increase TCE natural attenuation rates at fractured bedrock sites. More
ClimaStat Technology Improves HVAC Efficiency – Energy efficiency improves by 29% for an HVAC retrofit at MCAS Beaufort and 17% for a new system at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. More
Innovative Plating Process for Beryllium Alternatives – Nanostructured copper alloys match beryllium’s essential properties of being lightweight and high-strength, without the toxicity. More
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